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Saturday, 30/05/09:
The animal droppings collected by Hew is likely from monkeys based on the initial examination by vets. The feces has a high fibre content suggesting a diet of fruits and similar vegetation. Hew and me will be formulating a new action plan to get deeper into the interior.

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Saturday, 30/05/09:
The Star
has an article on the dog rescue mission here
That triggered Blogger Shanghai Fish to poo poo the concept of "Humane Selangor"

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Friday, 29/05/09:
Hew, a wildlife and kayak specialist came with us on the last trip to collect the animal droppings spotted on the feeding pontoons for lab examination. This will help determine whether the stranded dogs or some other animals are feeding from the food and water left there. I reproduce below (with permission) an inspiring note send by Hew to the team.

These kind of twisting n' turning of stories are very catty and the product of very small minds. Every time you do voluntary work, there will be backtalk, backstabbing, etc, etc. In fact; the only frame of mind to take when you do voluntary work is that you want to do the work. The rest of it is all insignificant rubbish.

So maybe we focus on what is. To you and the team, you guys did some wonderful work that you should all be proud of. You created a team from zero, rescued some dogs, made some amazing connections that should last a long time and stood together in face of an onslaught from a Mad NGO.

I am happy I was involved - if only once. I actually like the Selat Kering island -- a really wild place that is what it is --- and the team who were there and the boatman. So maybe the team should go there one day and buy the fish farm boys some good food and beers and maybe, help them find or adopt another plank-walk dog. Celebrate this marvelous coming together of such diverse people.


Updates by TV Smith

Friday, 29/05/09:

Joanne & Hitam

Hitam the nervous kelong dog (seen here with volunteer Joanne) is taking baby steps to trust humans again. Together with missing Kuning, they have help herd in many of the stranded dogs.

Updates and pic by TV Smith

Saturday, 23/05/09:
A distraught Panjang (one of the Indonesian workers) on the fish farm just called me asking if we have located their beloved Kuning. Below is a picture I took of Bono and Kuning being interviewed by RTM on May 13th 2009. Kuning is currently missing and is believed to be dognapped

Kuning The Star

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Thursday, 21/05/09:
The AWESOME Team: All Girls, All Angels. The men volunteers like myself, Donald, Er Win and Daniel hold them in awe and respect !


Standing L to R: Lucy, Karin, Danilella, Pummkin, Connie, Nicole
Kneeling L to R: Sabrina, Joanne, Janet, Marjorie (not in picture Zalina & Shalinee)

Hands On

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Thursday, 21/05/09:
I don't know if this new arrival had one too many fights or was cut by the roots on the mangrove island. I named him Pacino after the star of cult film Scarface by Brian De Palma. The vet flushed out the maggots buried all over his face and he is alright now. Thank goodness!


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Tuesday, 19/05/09:
I call her Pampers because she was suffering from diarrhea when Marjorie and Karin and friends got her in. Garang is the fiercest dog rescued so far.


Pampers (above) is being treated by our vet this moment.


Garang is Fierce !

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Tuesday, 19/05/09:
Prudential Assurance Malaysia is providing free PA insurance coverage for our key volunteers and rescuers. The deal was secured by my life-long insurance agent Robert Foo.

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Tuesday, 19/05/09:
The gentleman Malay owner of the floating fish farm and his kindly Indonesian workers have been helping us rescue the dogs from Day 1. The Day when evil mites were sipping English tea elsewhere. Now, out of nowhere, the mighty evil mites are bulldozing their way in and attempting to dislodge us from our long-standing rescue arrangement with the workers.

Evil mites are so busy clamouring for recognition that they probably missed the idiom "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones" Their vicious below-the-belt-attacks on Sabrina and FFF in the Press and poison-pen messages have not only galvanised more public support for Sabrina but have set many disgusted people asking very pertinent questions.

Why are some NGOs suddenly having a change of heart not to kill the rescued dogs when they have killed thousands of innocent lives previously?

If they knew about it earlier as they themselves claimed, why didn't they lift a finger or call press conferences until Sabrina is already waist-deep in her rescue mission?

Why are they suddenly hopping on the bandwagon when they did nothing to stop the cruel deportation?

Why are they so upset the public is helping Furry Friends Farm which is a no-kill sanctuary?

Unrelated: Some BN component parties are fortified with self-serving constitutional changes. You won't be accepted as a member if they know you are joining to demand accountability or to challenge the status quo of the private palace. Go ask any ordinary BN member why they cannot dislodge their long-sitting Party President and the crony Supreme Council...

Warning: An evil mite is plotting a horrifying move that may put the lives of all the innocent animals at Sabrina's sanctuary at risk. Just so you know.

Updates by TV Smith

Monday, 18/05/09:
I went to the vet in Port Klang just now to check on some of the new arrivals from Hell Island.
This one in particular (still nameless) was so terrified that she dare not make contact with
human eyes. Her own eyes were wide open and she kept looking away, quivering in fear.
I cried seeing her eyes. I am crying again looking at her picture now.

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Monday, 18/05/09:

Grace & Hope

Meet Grace and Hope at The FFF Sanctuary. When I visited yesterday, they were frolicking happily with the many other rescued animals taking shelter there. It seems unimaginable that about two weeks ago they were stuck in a hell hole awaiting death. They are still a little suspicious of humans. Given time and the supportive environment, I am hopeful they and the other rescued swamp dogs will recover fully from their shocking ordeal.

Hope (right) was the first dog plucked from the mangroves when me, Sabrina (pictured above) and Daniel circled the island on May 2nd.

Grace was the dog that swarm to the fish farm and the one Donald took to the vet to remove all the flesh-eating maggots.

Updates by TV Smith

Sunday, 17/05/09:

Serene at the jetty. Pic by Donald

Skeletal Serene. Pic by Joyce

Serene arriving at FFF

"She was all alone, she was calm and quiet. She was friendly. Despite of what she went through on Hell's Island, she looks very forgiving..." Donald wrote in his blog.

"First we tried Adrian’s car, but the cage didn’t fit. So we tried Michelle’s..." - Joyce's Blog

It is heartening to see young and old working together to help the rescued animals. Donald & Lucy were babysitting Serene at the Port. Adrian and his gang were in Furry Friends Farm. They rushed to meet Donald and to bring her back in their Kenari. It is a Sunday and all the vets had closed earlier and hired transport unavailable. We didn't know Donald and Lucy had named her Serene when we named her Adrianne in honour of Adrian and friends.

So she's Serene Adrianne.

Updates by TV Smith

Sunday, 17/05/09:
I have never seen such evil people. Their actions are more cruel than the people who threw the dogs at the island. Just because Sabrina took action to save the discarded dogs first. Just because she won the support of caring people worldwide. Just because she (unknowingly) stole the thunder and rained on their circus.

Now those black-hearted persons are foaming at the mouth and spitting venom. They are circulating all kinds of malicious messages to defame and belittle Sabrina and put down the good work she is doing at her sanctuary.

They try to thwart her funds and sabotage the rescue work which she and her volunteers conducted from the time when no one cared or bothered. I have seen many vengeful, envious and glory-seeking individuals in my life. But I have never seen any that stoop so low.

It will be a horrible tragedy for animals when such dastardly people succeed in monopolising animal welfare.

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Sunday, 17/05/09

Silent heros

Without fuss or publicity, many of our volunteers do the critical work quietly in the background.
Here, diver Er Win is filling fresh water and placing food on the new floating platforms build by Marjorie and Karin.

Updates & Pic by Daniel Tang.

Saturday, 16/05/09:

Two More Dogs

Volunteer Joanne at the jetty receiving the two girls caught last night. Pic by Daniel Tang

Updates by Connie

Friday, 15/05/09:
Me and Sabrina have appointed Pummkin (Pamela Lim) to be Director of Rescue out at the islands. She has also been tasked by the authorities to work with MPK on capturing more dogs.

Sabrina needs to attend to the rescued animals at the various vets and the many other animals at her FFF sanctuary. I need to help firm up some interesting evacuation proposals, co-ordinate the volunteers and deal with the complex logistics. We'll still go out there, but not as often as we like. We know the dogs will be in the safe hands of Pummkin and the other volunteers.

As we speak, Marjorie and Karin are out there constructing more feeding stations. FFF is paying for the transportation and materials. Connie helped by sourcing the empty drums and wood locally. She also arranged for the lorries and boats.

Updates by TV Smith

Thursday, 14/05/09:
Updates on Location: Mercy (as named by Connie) from yesterday's Mercy Me video is in. She was captured by fisherman Adi this morning. Klang volunteers Donald, Lucy and Connie were at hand to welcome her to shore. She is now resting at the vet and awaiting treatment.

Mercy   Mercy

Updates by TV Smith, Pics by Lucy Tan

Wednesday, 13/05/09:

As we were scanning the mangrove, we saw a dog feeding on the food pontoon built by Marjorie & Karin earlier. The three AWESOME ladies from our team dived from our boat immediately to try grab the dog.

They were not successful but vowed to return in full force the next day. We are also sending a survivor expert and jungle trekker into the dark depths of the island to survey and identify the places where some of the other dogs may be hiding. We can hear their yelps and howls. Deep respect for all these volunteers who are risking life and limb to help save the animals.

Meanwhile, those responsible for dumping the dogs are still sitting on their ass and not doing anything to help despite offering to do so at the last meeting. We have no choice but to work with the killers at the moment as only they know where the dogs were dumped.

It is heartening to know that the dogs are feeding and drinking from Marjorie's pontoon. On this video, you get to see the mangrove in low tide and the difficult terrain.

Updates by TV Smith


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