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Using MyCen GIS Interface at Malaysia Central:

We take you to thousands of Malaysian places, landmarks, buildings, roads and locations with just one click. There are three ways of doing it depending on the location:

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Using MyCen Location links and Google Earth:

Ever wonder where Pasar Karat is? Malaysia Central presents a quick, easy and accurate way to find many places in Malaysia and beyond. Along with some listings at our portal, you will see a Map, Directions or MyCen Location link.

Screenshot Of Listing
Screenshot above: Sample of a listing in Malaysia Central with various ways to get to the address

In order to access the "Mycen Location" feature, you must have Google Earth already installed. Both PC and Mac versions are available for free. You can download the latest version here. A relatively new computer and broadband connection is required for smooth viewing and navigation. If you have a reasonably fast connection you can download the program, install it and be up and running in less than 10 minutes. Normally, you don't need to restart your computer or shut down your browser or any other programs.

After installation, clicking on any 'MyCen Location' or 'Go there' link should launch Google Earth (if it's not already opened). It will take you to the specified location almost immediately. When you do this for the first time, your browser may ask to confirm whether you wish to use Google Earth to open the kmz file type. After the program is launched, it will take a few seconds to initialise and log in. No user name, password or configuration is required.

On the MyCen Location Directory, you'll find three ways to get to the specified place. You can click on the place name to visit the website, click on "Go there" to see the satellite image, click on Map or see Directions (where available).

Screenshot above: MyCen Location Directory offers three versatile ways to check out a place

Screenshots above: A info tag appears also on the sidebar with the address & originating page from MyCen

To navigate, hold down left button to move about. Use the zoom, tilt or rotate functions at the bottom of the screen to have a closer or further view. The mouse scroll wheel also acts as a zoom lever. Or zoom by holding down the right mouse button and then move the mouse up or down.

Screenshot above: The navigation control panel on Google Earth interface

Sceenshot above: Use the tilt & rotate function to vary your point of view & geographical perspective

The resolution of the image vary and are streamed from the servers as you move your position or viewpoint. Wait for the streaming indicator to show 100% for best quality. You can also export the coordinates into GPS or navigation devices. Some places may not have the latest images but it is being updated from time to time. See also the official FAQ.

Sceenshot above: The streaming indicator. Wait for it to reach 100% for maximum clarity

Tip: If you are unable to recognise a location, keep Google Earth open and fire up a couple more nearby places which       you are familiar. This may help you figure out the relative position of the original placemark.

Tip: Look out for group or multiple placemarks (where available). The link is highlighted in red and offers you a       snapshot or bird's eye view of all nearby landmarks in the vicinity. (see pic further down)

Tip: Take a guided tour from here. Glide through a road or an area and familiarise yourself with the various landmarks.

Tip: Uncheck all the layers except terrain to reduce clutter.

Tip: Rotate the image or reset compass to North to see which direction your house or office is facing.

Tip: For IE and Firefox browsers in PCs, clicking a link should open the placemarks. In cases (Mac) where it fails to       open automatically, try saving it somewhere and open the file manually through Google Earth.

Sceenshot above: Open different placemarks sequentially to compare its distance & direction to one another

Sceenshot above: Opening a red link where related placemarks are grouped together (Brickfields in this case)

Sceenshot above: If necessary, uncheck all layers (except terrain) to reduce clutter

Ready to go places? Test by clicking on the various places featured here. For a fun and awesome experience , try clicking on Penang Bridge first and the Causeway JB next. See it fly!

To ensure accuracy, on-the-ground verification with GPS is carried out where possible or practical. As such it may take a while to grow the geographical coverage. Maps where availabe are linked together. So, refresh the pages regularly as new locations are added on a daily basis.

Google Earth is a trademark of Google, Inc. The use of Google Earth is subject to the Google Terms Of Service. Other brands, product names or place names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Malaysia Central (MyCen) is not affiliated with Google in any way & is not responsible for its content or operation. All placemark positioning, groupings, tours, styles, overlays, description, info & files here are the creation & copyright of Malaysia Central. See our TOS.

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