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Malaysia Central leads in the precision score if compared to the other engines
Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, Vol.11, no.1, July 2006: 103-122

Many Malaysians now know that searches at major search engines for Malaysia-centric stuff often yield MyCen at the top of the results. What started as a single page of links to essential government bodies in 1998, has since evolved into Malaysia's leading portal with over 30,000 unique users and 150,000 page views daily. That's over millions of hits per day, if you must know...
Dua Sen - My Baby, 24th June 2005

His baby, MyCen: T.V. Smith talks about Malaysia Central, or MyCen (, the popular Malaysian search engine and website directory...
The Star's TechCentral, 17th June 2003

As a researcher, I'm beginning to be dependent on Malaysia Central for almost all my daily local search needs. This is hardly surprising as no other local search engine offers the accuracy and relevance that MyCen generates in its search results. Most importantly, the results are almost always fresh and updated, with very few dead links. For instance, recently, I was pleasantly surprised that its search engine was able to return results on the national scooter, Karisma, on the same day the product was launched. Searching aside, the site's directory is very well categorised and unlike other Malaysian directories, does not imitate the Yahoo! layout. The 'downside' is if you browsed the categories, you'll be mesmerised and spend the whole day going from one related category to another. Yes, it's that absorbing and there's some 30000+ Malaysian sites in there! Lastly, another unique feature over at Malaysia Central, is that most business listings and even the search results, carry a physical address, phone and fax numbers. Very convenient, if you are in a hurry, or when an establishment has no web site. With such a comprehensive database of Malaysian sites, it's truly what its slogan claims; "anything & eveything Malaysia". Rating:5 of 5 stars rating
Serena Tan, Alexa Review, 24th Jan 2003

The underrated Malaysia Central blows the overrated hippos out of the water! An amazing feat by a single individual with a zero budget. A sobering reminder for those multi-million-ringgit overnight web ventures and cepat-kaya IPO-seeking portals that content is still king. Ironically, the only redundant page in Malaysia Central is the local search engine listings. If you've found your way to Malaysia Central, you don't need to look for another local search engine or directory, period.
The SukaKata Newsletter, April 2002
IF you’re looking for a Malaysian portal with no frills, no ads, no distractions, then TV Smith’s Malaysia Central (MyCen) is the portal you want to check out.
Brigette Rozario, InTech - The Star, 16th Oct 2001

Malaysia Central is a comprehensive and neatly-structured links page that puts many a big-money Web portal to shame. This "one-stop starting point to thousands of Malaysian online destinations" may still be in a nascent stage, but it's a great idea that's nattily executed. It's also a good example of how average Malaysians with a bit of programming savvy and a genuine and greedless desire to share knowledge are showing up the inanity and ignorant opportunism of grasping giant corporations in cyberspace.
R.S. Murthi, In-Site - New Sunday Times, 7th May 2000
Definitely not the most impressive of sites in terms of appearance. Nevetheless, it is virtually impossible to find a more comprehensive index of links to Malaysia-related sites anywhere on the web. The simplicity of the site is another advantage as reaching any of these sites is only a click away. I would have to agree with the description above - this is THE starting point. Overall rating: 5/5
User Review, - People-Powered Web, 3th May 2000

Everything and anything under the Malaysian sun is now available from one source!
Singapore Malaysia Students' Association Berkely

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