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MyCen Directions: KL- Putrajaya Highway - Maju Expressway MEX
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Picture Of KL Putrajaya Highway - Maju Expressway

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Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya Expressway Maju Expressway MEX
A newer and updated map (with video) of this place is AVAILABLE HERE
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Concession Holder: Maju Expressway Sdn Bhd (formerly Consortium Lapangan Terjaya Sdn Bhd) Address: 3 Jalan Tiga, Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur
Postcode (Poskod): 55200 Kuala Lumpur
Emergency Helpline: +603 8315 9111 (Highway Control Centre)
+603 8315 9000
Fax: +603 8315 9009
Area: Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (KL / WP)
           Selangor Darul Ehsan (SEL D.E.)
Jurisdiction: Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia - LLM (Malaysian Highway Authority)

Directions: From the Kg Pandan Roundabout Interchange to the Putrajaya Link Interchange, the new KL-Putrajaya Highway spans 26 km, with the journey taking only 20 minutes as advertised.

See: New video of MEX Route

There are five entry/exit points:
• Kg Pandan Roundabout Interchange with entry (just after SMART Tunnel entrance) and exit
• Salak South (Selatan) Interchange with entry via East West Link
• Kuchai Lama Interchange with entry and exit into NPE/ Sg Besi Road to Jalan Tun Razak / Mahameru
• Bukit Jalil Interchange with entry and exit near Endah Parade, Sri Petaling (Kesas Highway to MRR2)
• Putrajaya Link Interchange with entry and exit on the Putrajaya Link near LimKokWing in Cyberjaya.

Contrary to popular belief, the highway does not exit in Putrajaya but at Cyberjaya. It also does not take you to KLIA or LCCT directly. You would need to turn right at the Putrajaya Exit, follow the Putrajaya Link to join the existing North South Central Link (Elite Highway from Shah Alam) to get to the airport. This stretch alone is another 30 km and should take at least another 30 minutes or more.

Info / Insights: This new highway is long overdue. Would have been perfect for the 1998 Commonwealth Games, with its convenient exit at near the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex. It also makes KLites wonder why they were forced through the Kajang and Shah Alam routes to get to Putrajaya for so long. Only consolation may be the location of Nasi Beriani Gam on the old route :)

The toll plaza at the Putrajaya side is built on a raised area and hidden from both directions until very close. Nevertheless, the upward slopes may be a clever (reverse) design in reaction to the crazy, descending approach of the killer Jelapang Toll Plaza. A couple of relatively sharp bends along the highway should test the daredevil skills of local motorists.

There are R & R facilities on both southbound (15km from KL Toll Plaza) and northbound (6km from Putrajaya Toll Plaza). The proximity of the rest areas (almost opposite each other) may see silly Malaysians dashing across busy traffic to look for alternative food on the other side. Another highway operator found this out the hard way and have since sited their opposite-facing eateries further apart.

Toll booths are located at 3.5 km from the Kg Pandan entry, just after crossing the Kerayong River and 700m before the Putrajaya Link Interchange. The highway which opened on 13th December 2007 was toll-free for about a month.

Toll collection started on 17/01/08 with the following toll rates:
Updates: The highway is now known as MEX - Maju Expressway

At the KL (Salak Selatan) toll plaza: RM1.50 for cars, RM 3.00 for small lorries, RM 4.50 for big lorries, RM 80 sen for taxis & RM1.50 for buses.

At the Putrajaya toll plaza: RM 2.50 for cars, RM 5.00 for small lorries, RM 7.50 for big lorries,
RM 1.30 for taxis and RM 2.50 for buses.

In other words, it means RM 4.00 for a one-way trip to Putrajaya or RM 1.50 to Bukit Jalil by car from KL (Kg Pandan Entry). For those proceeding to KLIA, LCCT or Sepang Circuit, there is another toll charge of RM 4.30 (for cars) at the KLIA Toll Plaza. Upon exiting the KL-Putrajaya Highway, you will encounter another toll gate after driving 5.5 km, just before joining the PLUS ELITE Highway. The distance between this toll booth (which is also named Putrajaya Toll) and the KLIA Toll Plaza is 13.3 km. From there it is another 11.3 km to KLIA or 18.7 km to LCC-T.

The total toll charges incurred for a trip to Sepang Airport is RM 8.30 for a traveling distance of 44.8 km between Kg Pandan roundabout and KLIA Toll. In comparison, the toll rate from Sg Besi Toll to KLIA Toll via KL-Seremban Highway (44.9 km) is currently RM 7.70. From Jalan Duta Toll via NKVE (58.6 km), the journey will cost RM 9.10 in toll fare.

Nearby Landmarks: SMART Tunnel Entrance (at Kg Pandan Entry), Endah Parade, Bukit Jalil Sports Complex (at Bukit Jalil Interchange), MEASAT, TMnet (eastbound from Putrajaya Link Interchange)
Nearby Train Stations: Bukit Jalil LRT Station, Chan Sow Lin LRT Station, Putrajaya ERL Station

Nearby Police Stations: Balai Polis Jalan Tun Razak, Tel: 03 2141 2222
Balai Polis Putrajaya, Tel: 03 8886 2222, Balai Polis Sepang, Tel: 03 31421222
Distance: 26 km from Kg Pandan Interchange to Putrajaya Link Interchange
                   10 km from Kg Pandan Interchange to Bukit Jalil Interchange
                   56.1 km from Kg Pandan Interchange to KLIA Departure Hall entrance
                   30.1 km from Putrajaya Link Interchange to KLIA Departure Hall entrance
                   37.5 km from Putrajaya Link Interchange to Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)
GPS Coordinates & Position: N3 08.072 E101 43.151 (Kg Pandan Entry)
                                                        N2 56.804 E101 39.093  (Putrajaya Link Interchange)
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