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Voting For Dungus - 18/03/04
Tags: dummy, dungu, election, elections, polling, poll, polls, vote, voters, politics, political, undi

So I Speed Dated An Axe Murderer -
Tags: speeddating, speedating, date, dates, dating, couples, romance, matchmaking, match making, love

Wink Wink Hang Li Poh - 13/04/04
Tags: history, malacca, melaka, education, sms, test, chat, jargon, lingo, trend, society

Playboi - 13/04/04
Tags: playboy magazine, ban, banning, parody, spoof, kelantan, pas, mannequin, mannequins, fetish

Kiss & Fell - 15/04/04
Tags: sarah marbeck, david beckham, sex, pickup, assunta, malaysian, scandal

Blur Sotong Kena Hantam Kau Kau - 09/05/04
Tags: language, manglish, english, malay, lingo, slang, local

Malaysian Urban Legends - 14/05/04
Tags: myths, myth, folklore, hoax, rumours, rumor, beliefs, talk, gossip, story, stories, legend, tale, tales, local

She Bangs, She Writes - 20/05/04
Tags: women, female, bloggers, sex, woody loh, dolly mixture

Duh Dinner - 15 Reasons Why I Hate Chinese Wedding Dinners - 29/05/04
Tags: weddings, marriage, matrimonial, dinner, banquet, lateness, kiasu, guests, culture

Blogger Commits Journalism - 01/06/04
Tags: jeff ooi, blogging, screenshots

Scam The Scammer - 07/06/04
Tags: nigerian, nigeria, e-mail, fraud, scams, spam, spammer, spammers, spamming, con

Kaula Kangsar - An Offbeat Pictorial - 12/06/04
Tags: sharon lam, town, hometown, perak, kk, food, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

The Night I Flunk My Astronaut Test - 19/06/04
Tags: bolehnaut, space, rocket, mission, ktm, train, trains, bunker, travel, singapore, journey

Suitability Test For Prospective Employers - 22/06/04
Tags: employee, employer, maid, maids, domestic helper, abuse, indonesia, hiring, screning, eligibilty, tests

Fog You Indonesia! - 24/06/04
Tags: haze, pollution, logging, air, skyline, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

The Guy From Simpang Lima - 07/07/04
Tags: guy sebastian, australian, idol, singer, klang, entertainment, interview, interviews

The Week In Review (ending 11th July) - 11/7/04
Tags: twir, hartamas, fatty cops, sms contest, censorship, grik, sex, news

Another Week In Review (ending 17th July) - 17/7/04
Tags: twir, lennard lee, english channel, crossing, record, city floods, nepotism, corruption, motorcyclists

Yet Another Week In Review (ending 24th July) - 24/7/04
Tags: animal cruelty, puppy, gutsy lady, taiwan, religious conversion, privatisation, hitman, sodomy

Kepong Bridge Is Falling Down - 10/08/04
Tags: mrr2, middle ring road, flyover, flyoevers, crack, cracks, cracking, repairs, samy, nursery rhyme

Ah Lee Baba - 12/08/04
Tags: ali, alibaba, ahlee, spin doctoring, cronyism, cronies, crony, semi value

Fone Fears - 15/08/04
Tags: handphone etiquette, mobile phone users, phones, handphones. manners, ringing

Klang Valley, Truly Malaysia - 21/08/04
Tags: social commentary, kl, kuala lumpur, race relations, polarisation

The Real Olympics - 27/08/04
Tags: athens, gold, silver, medals, medal, tally, record, records, boleh, winner, winners, competition, games

Independent Celebrations - 31/08/04
Tags: social commentary, merdeka, independence day, celebrate, celebration, revelry, race relations, polarization


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