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Antarctica Solo Expedition 2004 by Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina

Ayah Pin Sky Kingdom ayahpin

Center For UFO Studies - UFOs in Malaysia

Choice Baby - Baby gender (sex) selection programme

Dare To Fail - Where Failing Is Part Of Success

Duncan Crew Malaysia Yoyo

Duroil - Massage oil for men

Filming Anna & The King

Go Look Stop - A collection of funny Malaysian traffic & other signs

Green Lotus Cafe

Johor Big Foot Fan Club - Bigfoot

KL Skyscrapers

Laman Kad Ucapan

Lepak's Home

Michael Soosai or or

Malaysia's Antarctica Expedition: Crossing the South Pole - Free GPS maps of Malaysia & Singapore

My Idola - Pictures of female Malaysian celebrities, singers, actresses & models

Sifoo - Sumber Grafik

Speed Traps in Malaysia

The Cunning Linguist

Tips Resources

Unity Band UB 50

Webcam Malaysia - Mobile live web cam broadcast

Yes To National Service

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