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Info On Fuel Subsidies For Vehicle Owners
Everything You Wanted To Know About The Cash Handout
But Had Too Little Fuel To Go To The Post Office To Ask...

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Pos Malaysia is acting as the government's agent for disbursement of cash rebates (fuel subsidies) to eligible private vehicle owners. The scheme is being carried out in two phases:

Phase 1:

Eligible Malaysian vehicle owners whose road tax were renewed from 1st April 2008 to 31st May 2008 can claim their subsidy from post offices nationwide from 14th June 2008 to 31st March 2009.

Phase 2:

Eligible Malaysian vehicle owners who purchase or renew their road tax from 1st June 2008 till 31st March 2009 can claim at post offices nationwide from 1st July 2008 onwards.

Getting Cash Over The Counter:

Make sure you have a Mykad and not the old IC. Your road tax was renewed within the stated period. You do not have to bring the vehicle registration card (car or bike grant).

Procedure / Steps:
1. Go to a post office with your MyKad / Police Authority Card / Military ID.
2. Fill up a form. Form is free and available at post offices or can be downloaded online from     the link provided below. For cash claim, you only need to fill up your name, I.C. number and     vehicle number.
3. Submit form over counter.
4. Applicant's thumbprint is inked or scanned for identification verification and record keeping.
5. Collect cash.
The process should take no more than 3 minutes, according to Pos Malaysia.

Online Rebate Claim:

Eligible private vehicle owners may also claim their fuel rebates subsidy online via
Pos Malaysia Bill Payment Portal at :
Rrebates will be paid in the form of Money Order (within seven working days)
or by direct transfer to owner bank’s account ( within three working days)
Partner banks : RHB, CIMB, Bank Islam, Hong Leong & Bank Rakyat

First time users need to create an account first.
After that log in with Username and Password
Go to ‘Cash Rebate Online’ and click on ‘Cash Rebate’

Key in your ‘Car Registration Number’ and other information required
Select ‘Mode of Payment’. Either Money Order or Bank Account from the list and click ‘Next’ Fill in the rest of the necessary information and click ‘Next’
Verify the information shown on the next screen before you click ‘Confirm’
Print out the receipt on the status and details of your transaction for future reference

Subsidy Amount and Eligible Vehicle Categories:
RM 150 subsidy for motorcycles up to 250 cc
RM 625 subsidy for motorcars up to 2000 cc
RM 625 subsidy for pick-up trucks up to 2500 cc

Subsidy amount is the same for both petrol and diesel vehicles. If you renewed your road tax on or after 1st June 2008, you can only claim the rebate on or after 1st July 2008. The subsidies are limited to a maximum of five vehicles per owner. The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen. Permanent Residents and foreigners are not entitled to the rebate. During Phase 1, third party persons are not allowed to make the claims on behalf of the owner.

You can also have the money send to you by post in the form of a Money Order (Kiriman Wang). You need to include your phone number and address on the same form. Tear out the slip at the bottom of the form to keep as record. No surcharges are imposed and the money order will be mailed to you in seven days.


Sample of Cash Claim Form (Borang Tuntutan Tunai):

Sample of cash claim form

Download Cash Claim Form from Pos Malaysia website (PDF):

List of Post Offices nationwide (PDF 44 pages):

Post Office Opening Hours:
8:30 am to 5:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays* except 1st Saturday of each month and on public holidays. (*with exception of Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu)

Pos Malaysia Website:

Pos Malaysia Helpline (Customer Service Centre):
Tel: 1 300 300 300

JPJ - Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia:

FAQ: (by TV Smith)

Should I rush to the Post Office to get my reimbursement now?
No. Unless you are really broke or just being kiasu like most Malaysians. You can claim your money anytime between now and 31st March 2009.

What if there are more flip-flops and suddenly the rebate amount is reduced?
You got a point there.

I am using a Temporary Identity Card. Can I use it to claim for subsidy?
Yes. You need to bring along either your driver's license or passport for additional identification. The process will also take longer.

I don't have a colour printer nor a PDF writer. I downloaded the form, printed it in black & white and filled it manually (by hand). Is that OK?

Since I don't need to produce my vehicle registration card, does that mean I can claim througn an old car with expired road tax?

No. Pos Malaysia's terminals are connected to JPJ's database for online verification.

Will the subsidy be handed out every year?
There have been conflicting statements. If it is annual, the government will probably not want to confirm it. People will start buying junk cars or bikes for a new money making scheme.

Because of my work, I estimate I will be paying RM 3,600 a year for fuel. The uncle next door who uses his car to go to the market once a week will also be getting RM 625. Is that fair?
No. But the uncle is probably earning much less than you. Not unless uncle is also a used car dealer...

I plan to convert my car to gas-powered, can I still claim after that? After all, the petrol tank can still be activated. Can or not?
The unofficial answer is yes. You get double subsidised. Bear in mind, the current gas installation cost for a normal passenger car is about RM 4,500. A full tank of gas at RM 8 can get you between 100 to 130 km, though. So don't believe the cab driver who says he is not making much charging you RM 80 to bring you to the airport.

I cannot afford to pump much petrol now, let alone install a gas tank. Like that how?
Go read and apply some of these fuel saving tips.

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