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Thursday, 25/06/09:

Kuning At Work

Like diligent naval patrol, Kuning and Adi are still scanning the mangroves yesterday

Kuning At Work

Kuning disembarked on the island and he soon lured this stranded dog onto the pontoon. Unfortunately, the nervous dog scurried off when Adi approached.

The Star: More abandoned dogs in Pulau Selat Kering saved with help of Kuning...

Updates and pics by TV Smith

Monday, 15/06/09:
Moving days are always happy days for us and the animals. We checked out seven furry patients from the various vets over the weekend. The treated dogs are moved to the shelter for recuperation, rehabilitation and hopefully; adoption.


Cute little He-Man with his Elizabethan collar


Even Pacino (Scarface) is happy. He stayed at the vet the longest due to his facial injuries. Now he looks much better and happier.

Updates and pics by TV Smith

Saturday, 13/06/09:
After more than a month of almost daily and hectic round trips to Port Klang, my old car finally gave up. As I was driving to meet Sabrina the other night, the car grinded to a nasty halt. It was towed to the workshop and my mechanic subsequently said the pistons had cracked and a total engine overhaul is required. Sigh.

I told my good friend Paul Yeoh (of Studio 5 Restaurant in Ampang Jaya) about my predicament of not having a car in the midst of the rescue mission. He kindly loaned me his Perodua Myvi while my car is being repaired. It should take at least a week.

Since his car is brand new, I warned him that I will use it to transport rescued dogs (with and without cages) to the vets. There might be loose fur, body waste, blood and maggots spilling everywhere. The only compensation is the chance to see the happy faces of the recovered dogs weeks or months later. Paul who is also an animal lover said without hesitation: "Fair deal"

Updates by TV Smith

Saturday, 13/06/09:
Latest rescued dog Chloe arrived on the day when Port Klang recorded the highest API (Air Pollution Index) in the country. The haze compounds her sufferings. She is already very thirsty from her ordeal and drank every drop of water offered by volunteer Connie at the jetty.


Updates and pic by TV Smith

Friday, 12/06/09:
The Star has an article on the two Australian ladies volunteering at Furry Friends Farm


See also: The Star: Aussies touched by plight of Pulau Ketam’s abandoned dogs

Updates and pic by TV Smith

Thursday, 11/06/09:
Good news. The lonely black dog from Tuesday is caught and safe in the vet now. But there is something puzzling about this dog named Robbie. More on this later...


Tuesday, 09/06/09:
This is possibly one of the last few surviving dogs on Pulau Selat Kering. I spotted it on the mangrove shore further north of the fish farm during a survey. It seemed attracted by the boat engine sounds but ran back into the mangroves as the boat got nearer.

The last ones standing are difficult to catch as they are the some of the most aggressive and toughest. Neverthheless, Adi is confident of catching this one.

Updates and pic by TV Smith

Updates and pic by TV Smith

Monday, 08/06/09:


Supporters and volunteers planted nangka (jackfruit) trees at Furry Friends Farm last Sunday. It is hoped that the harvested fruits turn into revenue to help feed the growing community of furry residents there. 36 resident dogs have stepped forward with pledges to help fertilise the soil. As a matter of fact, some of the eager dogs have already started work.

It was more than a year ago when I met Nee (in white top) and her husband Ken at a Kundang coffee shop. A small group of supporters gathered to celebrate three-legged JoJo's birthday.

Today, the farm has a troop of passionate volunteers and supporters doing the much needed chores. But help is never enough. Contact Sabrina if you wish to help out at the shelter, especially on weekdays.

Updates and pic by TV Smith

Monday, 08/06/09:

Hitam saying goodbye to the black dog he lured from the swamps onto the floating fish farm last night.

I named the new swamp dog Macho. Even though he was scared, he growled and barked at every passing ship as we made our way back to the port.

Updates and pics by TV Smith.

Saturday, 06/06/09:
Volunteers Connie, Danny, Joyce and Louis discovered a pregnant Dalmatian on the their recent visit to Pulau Sungai Lima. This village is adjacent to Pulau Ketam. The dog's so-called caretaker at the coffee shop claimed she is a stray and wouldn't mind FFF taking the dog away after she has given birth.

Yesterday, me and Connie had a discussion with our vet. The doctor felt it would be better to evacuate the dog now than later; when she has puppies. So, off me and Connie went today with volunteers from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better. This public holiday turned out to be a bitter sweet day for us.

I am happy to report that the woman who takes care of her is a genuine animal lover. She also has two cats which she loves very much. Her neighbours are all very fond of the spotted dog too. Yet, no one wants to claim ownership or responsibility. Understandably, they were quite reluctant to part with this very friendly and charming giant (earlier named Dotty by Connie and gang). Even the cat came to say goodbye to Dotty. Animals have this sixth sense.

After a long and gentle persuasion session in Hokkien, they agreed with me that it would be better to have their beloved dog spayed, vaccinated and adopted by someone more responsible.

It helped that the village headman, Mr Tan, chimed in to say he has seen images of happy dogs at Furry Friends Farm over RTM. Mr Tan was the one who agreed to halt the discarding of strays at the mangrove island when I pleaded with him in April. Importantly, he was also the first islander to take me to check on the thrown-away dogs at Pulau Selat Kering. I launched the rescue mission immediately thereafter.

As we were discussing, another woman brought a very friendly female dog named Ong. She said she is now forced to tie the dog up all day as her new children-in-laws don't like dogs. She wanted us to take Ong back as well. Both the women got teary-eyed and I assured them they can still see their dogs whenever they want.

Remember I wrote on the outset that we should win the hearts and minds of the villagers? I think we may have made some progress at Sungai Lima. It is heartening to know that some of the villagers are trying to find proper homes for the dogs instead of throwing them away.

The dotty gentle giant

Even the cat came to say goodbye


Ong's owner saying goodbye. See the dog's face. I think she sensed she may never see her owner again. Even more heartbreaking to see the owner crying on the jetty as we set sail.

Beautiful Ong

Beautiful Ong on the boat. A new life ahead...

Updates and pics by TV Smith.

Friday, 05/06/09:
Got a call from the fish farm this morning that Kuning helped catch another dog last night. A yellow one. When I was halfway to the jetty, I got another call saying the latest dog escaped after biting through the cage :( They don't make cages like they used to.

It happened before and also happened to some of the rescued dogs at the shelter. At the shelter, the escaped dogs just wandered back after getting hungry and tired. Hopefully, Kuning and Hitam will coax that yellow dog back.

I then went to the clinic to speak to the vet about the condition of the black dog sent in yesterday. The vet confirmed it is an old eye injury from at least a month ago. According to the doctor, the punctured cornea has already healed for some time and we can take her home after the jabs. Not sure if she has been named, but for the time being, will call her Olive after Popeye.


Updates and pic by TV Smith

Thursday, 04/06/09:
Meanwhile back at Furry Friends Farm, there's still a lot of work to be done. The rescued dogs are recuperating and many volunteers are devoting time and energy to help the traumatised dogs heal emotionally.

Chantek and Phoenix

Shy Chantek (rescued on 9th May) with volunteer Phoenix.

Volunteer Joyce made this video of the many happy hours spent there.

Updates and pic by TV Smith.

Monday, 01/06/09:
On Saturday, I made contact with two ladies who claimed to have in their possession what sounded like our missing Kuning. They agree to bring the dog to a neutral meeting place where I could ascertain if it is indeed Kuning they have. The dog has an unique scar on his belly.

According to the ladies (who are independent animal rescuers), they mistakenly plucked Kuning from the mangrove island thinking he was another dumped animal awaiting rescue. They requested anonymity and didn't want any publicity nor the reward posted by Donald.

All they wanted was to have Kuning returned to his rightful owner. Kuning wouldn't eat much of the food given and made several attempts to escape. The dog seemed very free-sprited and they sensed his consistent howling could mean he was longing for a home faraway.

I took Kuning in my car and drove him on the long journey to one of our vets in Klang. He was very well behaved in the back seat, all by himself, enjoying the view without any car-sickness. When he arrived at the vet he appeared very frightened of doors. The doctor took his blood sample and gave him a clean bill of health after checking and observing him for a couple of days.

Me and Daniel brought him on the boat back to the fish farm today. Kuning is such a charmer that when I walked him near the jetty, self-proclaimed non-animal lovers, hardened fishermen and complete strangers all came to pat and hug him. To be continued...

Kuning On DUKE

Kuning on the DUKE Highway. From Ulu Klang to Port Klang

Brave Kuning

Only time brave Kuning gets nervous is when he sees doors. Any door; car doors, cage doors, front doors, etc

Kuning on the way to the jetty with Daniel behind the wheels.

Kuning On The Boat

Kuning and me on the boat. He realised he is near home when he smelt the mangroves.

Kuning Steps On The Kelong

Kuning climbing out of the boat onto the floating fish farm by himself

Kuning and Adi

Adi and Hitam are happy to be united with Kuning. Hitam seems especially happy to see Kuning again.

A Fisherman's Dog

What's a fish farm dog without fishes? Kuning was treated to about 15 raw fishes which he gulped down in no time.

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Malay Mail: Kuning's no coward — he's a deep-sea rescuer

Updates and pics by TV Smith

Sunday, 31/05/09:
I visited poor Pacino (Scarface) at the vet this morning. He is not only feeling the blues but has blue powder all over his face. The powder is a fly repellent to prevent laying of eggs on the open wounds. The vets say they will need to work on his face a little longer.

Adi at the fish farm asked me about Pacino's condition when we met up last. He told me Scarface was kind of special to him because this was the last dog Kuning shepard from Hell Island. Kuning helped Scarface swim midway before Adi took a boat out to rescue the injured dog.

Many of you may think that the Indonesians on the fish farm are doing the capturing just for the money. They are quite compassionate folks as it turns out. When Scarface was rescued, Adi called me frantically and asked that I get the dog to a vet immediately. He was worried about the dog's seemingly serious injuries.

On my last visit to the kelong, he also asked about the condition of the many dogs he and his mates rescued. I showed him pictures from my camera of the various dogs being treated at the vets and the recovered ones running about happily at Furry Friends Farm. Adi, who normally appears quite stoic, burst into a rare and heartwarming smile upon seeing the pics.


Updates and pic by TV Smith

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