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Rainforest Offroad Challenge Johor 2009
Rainforest Challenge - RFC 2009
Johor Bahru, 6th December 2009: The Prologue Special Stages (SS) are both an important component of the competition as well as an event for the public. Usually held at an accessible venue, it gives the RFC a public face as the jungle stages are not easily viewed.

It also allows the world to witness a peculiar but common Malaysian trait. The local spectators bring their little kids to the edge of the track with nary a concern for safety. But when a single raindrop comes down from the sky, they scoot away faster than a deer.

I was on the road since the end of November for LIMA 2009 in Langkawi and need to head back to KL to replenish.
Hope to re-join the participants at Taman Negara Endau Rompin, Selai in a couple of days. Update: Pictures are up!

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Update: Rainforest Challenge - RFC 2010

Exposure Info: All pictures photographed with the weather-sealed Olympus E-3 camera and Digital Zuiko lenses
Photograph, title & caption by & copyright © 2009 TV SMITH

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