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Le Tour de Langkawi 2009 in HD (High-Definition)
Duration: 1:09 Copyright © 2009 TV SMITH
Music: Prime Time News by Dan Graham (licensed) (in hi-fi stereo)
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The traditional finish of the Le Tour de Langkawi saw the cyclists whizzing past some of KL's landmarks like Dataran Merdeka and the Petronas Twin Towers. Known as the Kuala Lumpur Criterium, the peloton cycled 12 laps of 6.7 km each from the starting point. Like last year, there is talk again that this might be the last time the international cycling event is staged here. Organising such a complex event entails monumental logistics and costs. With shrinking sponsorships and diminishing government interest, the series is getting difficult to sustain. The government grant for 2009 was RM 7.5 million as compared to the RM25.5 million provided in 2007 and RM22 million in 2008 according to Wikipedia's LTdL page.

The usual sight of the hovering television helicopter is missing this year as even live coverage was forgone with. Apart from the aerial view, the chopper relays the wireless uplinks from the various tracking motocams on the ground. During the Tour De France, two special airplanes circle above the race just for this purpose.

Captured in 24p HD with Panasonic Lumix LX-3 and presented in 16:9 HD
Additional still photography with Olympus E-510 by Daniel Tang
Edited in native AVCHD on Thomson Grass Valley's Edius 5 NLE

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