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The New Honda Civic 2009
Duration: 2:38 Copyright © 2009 TV SMITH
Music: Fast Information by Bjorn Lynne (licensed) (in hi-fi stereo)
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Petaling Jaya, 19 March 2009: Honda Malaysia unveiled the enhanced 8th Generation Civic. The three facelift Civic models are the Civic 1.8L, Civic 2.0L and Civic Hybrid. On the video, the white car is the Hybrid while the black is the 2.0L

Sporting a redesigned grille and bumper now, the new Civic is also equipped with modern-looking oval fog lamp and smoked headlamps, giving the Civic a sleeker and aggressive look. The rear combination lamps have also been redesigned to give a bolder look by incorporating diamond cluster tail and stop lights.

Made sportier, the Civic 2.0L version comes with redesigned 17” alloy wheels. Meanwhile, the 1.8L comes with new fabric seats design.

Since its introduction in 1972, more than 19 million units of Civic has been sold in over 160 countries. In Malaysia, close to 35,000 units of Civics were sold by Honda Malaysia since 2002 with the 8th Generation Civic having sold more than 26,000 units, maintaining No. 1 position in the non-national mid-size sedan segment for 3 consecutive years, capturing 40% of market share in 2008.

The new Civic Hybrid will now cost RM129,980, 20% less than the previous pricing, after taking into consideration the tax incentives for hybrid vehicles as announced in the Budget 2009.

The on-the-road price for the new Civic 1.8L SOHCi-VTEC is RM 114,980 while the new Civic 2.0L DOHCi-VTEC is going for RM 129,980.

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