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Sime Darby Convention Centre via Kerinchi Link
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Duration: 7:16 Copyright © 2009 TV SMITH
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Driving to the Sime Darby Convention Center from PJ:
Located in the quiet vicinity of Bukit Kiara, the Sime Darby Convention Center is a purpose-built conference and exhibition venue with wide-ranging amenities. Even though it is not exactly in the boondocks, there are no LRT or bus terminals in the immediate vicinity. Driving may be your best option and MyCen Video shows you the way with this route that took just seven minutes from busy Federal Highway.

Captured in 24p HD with the Panasonic Lumix LX3 and presented in widescreen 16:9 SD. This video also marks the first in the series to incorporate burned-in captions (super-imposed titles) in place of annotations.

Location of Roads, Landmarks and Places on Video Timeline:
0:07 - On Federal Highway, KL to PJ
0:14 - Plaza Pantai
0:23 - Keep left
0:47 - On Kerinchi Link
0:01 - Merging traffic from Federal Highway city-bound
2:20 - Take either left or right toll plaza
3:41 - Keep left to Bukit Kiara
3:44 - Right to Petaling Jaya, U-turn to KL
4:57 - Merging traffic from KL, PJ
5:17 - Keep left to go up exit ramp
5:18 - Straight to Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Jalan Duta
5:23 - Ramp splits into two directions (right to Royal Selangor Club &          Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club)
5:25 - Keep to extreme left
5:34 - Right to INTAN
5:36 - Turn left
5:47 - Turn left at traffic light junction
5:49 - Right to Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC)
6:03 - Kompleks Rakan Muda (Sports Complex)
6:18 - Juara Indoor Stadium
6:34 - Sime Darby Convention Centre

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