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Twilight Alor
Duration: 3:27 Copyright © 2009 TV SMITH
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Music: Stellar Welcome by Bjorn Lynne (licensed) (in hi-fi stereo)
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The popular 'food street' in Bukit Bintang was once a bustling red light area. While there are still plentiful pockets of resistance, Jalan Alor's primarily attraction is now a different type of flesh. Chicken wings, especially. In this chaotic corner of the city, cars are always double-parked on both sides of the narrow street while jaywalkers compete with mobile hawkers for space. The area can be both a fascinating and scary experience for first-timers. Aggressive restaurant touts and pesky jaga kereta (drug-dependent car valets) are all over the place.

It also underscores one important aspect of our society. Either Malaysians are uninterested in 'menial' tasks or the stall owners are paying really lousy wages. Just like Petaling Street (in KL's Chinatown), every 'sales person' lining the street, chasing customers are foreigners. I won't be surprised if someone tells me that those versatile foreigners are also cooking those famous local delicacies. The now touristy Jalan Alor came dangerously close to losing its insignificant name recently. In the battle between arrogant city hall officials and stubborn residents, the latter won. This video was recorded with the LX3 during that precious window between sunset and dark.

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