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It's A Bug's Death - 12/09/99
Tags: paul, cockroaches, car, exploding aerosol cans

Mixed Signals - 15/09/99
Tags: driving, road safety, road hogging, tailgaters, speeding, hazard lights

Inconvenience Stores - 18/09/99
Tags: petrol stations, self-service, convenience store

Young Bolehans - 05/11/99
Tags: malaysia boleh, bolehan, kids, young achievers, record breaking

Bloggeroo Banzai - 12/04/03
Tags: blogging, malaysian bloggers, blog reviews, blogosphere

Party Poopers - 23/04/03
Tags: police raid, drug test, urine check, partying, clubbing

2 Big 2 Small - The Great Malaysian Dream - 27/04/03
Tags: gaming, gambling, lottery, betting, ekor, kuda, toto, magnum

Any Old Wounds In Your Vagina? - 07/05/03
Tags: court hearing, evidence, sexual discrimination, women, insensitive, inequality, prejudice, sensational reporting

Uncle Ho Wants You! - 08/05/03
Tags: movie piracy, vcd dvd sellers, pirates, copyright, cetak rompak, pirated, bootleg

Peeping Tans - 12/05/03
Tags: outdoor sex, peeping tom, peep, peeping, voyeurism, hidden cams, spying

Uncle Ho's Mega Sale - 02/06/05
Tags: uncle ho, uncleho, pirate, megasale, vcds, dvds, software piracy, enforcement, evasion, diversification

Sex Please, We're Malaysians - 08/06/03
Tags: sex education, prostitution, prostitutes, hookers, pimps, incest, sexual appetite, libido, tongkat ali, seks

Motor Psychos - 15/06/03
Tags: motorpsychos, psycho, motorcyclist, motorcyclists, motorcycling, road safety, traffic offenders, laws, pictures

Sign Language - 20/06/03
Tags: signs, sign board, funny signboards, names, pictures

For Every Reaction There's No Action - 24/06/03
Tags: crisis management, reactions, tragedy, disaster, accidents, apathy, blame, headlines, news, incidents

Add Ad @ Anywhere - 30/06/03
Tags: sticky bills, billboards, ads, advertising, notice, defacement, vandalism, public amenities, pictures

Dear Woody - 03/07/03
Tags: woody loh, sex positions, vehicular copulation, rumours

Crash Test Dummies Of KL - 06/07/03
Tags: road safety, driving, outdoor, roadside dining, mamak, street danger, alfresco risks, pictures

The Naked Card - 15/07/05
Tags: mykad, mycard, ic kad, id card, identity, privacy abuse , data theft, personal records

Men In White - 17/07/03
Tags: cabbies, cab, cabs, taxi, taxis, drivers, teksi, cheats, meter, pictures

The Mouse & The Rats - 20/01/03
Tags: plagiarism, plagiarist, plagiarists, copy, copyright, copying, rights, intellectual property, ownership, author

Pearl Jammed - 24/07/03
Tags; penang, pinang, bcb, abuse, defacement, vandalism, vandals, public property, campaigns, pictures

SMS - Short Marriage Service - 26/07/03
Tags: text, texting, message, notice, divorcing, divorce, husband, wife, talak tiga, cerai

The Righteous Brothers - 30/07/03
Tags: moral, morals, self-appointed guardians, censorship, censors, banning, ban, movie rating, hypocrisy

Plate Sightings - 03/08/03
Tags: car number plates, vehicle registration, license plate, nombor pendaftaran, pictures


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