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Double The Danger, Double The Fun - 24/08/03
Tags: mamaks, mamak, restaurants, big screen, video projectors, television, safety, pictures

We Are We - 31/08/03
Tags: malaysians, double standards, hypocrites, racism, bodeking, merdeka

Softtalk With Tim Sebastian - 02/09/03
Tags: soft talk, hardtalk, hard, soft, astro, bbc, television, personality, interview, pictures

The Yum-Yum Party - 03/09/03
Tags: food, kl gourmet festival, steve day, su wai fun, gastronomical fiesta, culinary delights, makan, pictures

The New Models - 13/09/03
Tags: kuala lumpur international motor show, motor shows, promoter, girl, girls, leggy model, beauties, pictures

Jolly Green Worms - 18/09/03
Tags: klang, cendol, jelly, food, drink, local dessert, indian, mamak, pictures

The Malaysian Cosmonaut - 21/09/02
Tags: astronaut, spaceman, rocket, space, russian, spaceman, interview, angkasawan

Spotted - 08/10/03
Tags: petrol filler cap, no name drinking water, mamak message, wartel idd call centre, pictures

Somewhere We Belong - 16/10/03
Tags: linkin park, stadium merdeka, live performance, band, rock concert, pictures

Bloggerinas - 17/10/03
Tags: female bloggers, blogging, blogs by women

A Dog's Best Fiend - 23/10/03
Tags: dog, puppy, animal cruelty, caged, guilt, rescue

One Day In Damansara - 29/10/03
Tags: kiasu, kiasuism, queue, anger management, inconsiderate, parking, shopping mall, supermarket, yuppies

The School Of Hard Knocks - 10/10/03
Tags: setapak high school, schooling, secondary education, mischief, childhood, teachers, students, alumni

Menage A Moi - 14/11/03
Tags: britney spears, masturbation, safe sex, self-love

Tears For Fears - 16/11/03
Tags: fear, ghost, horror, fantasy, dreams, nightmares, nanny state, dream control, nightmare suppresion

From The Classifieds - 23/11/03
Tags: classified, datukship, title, titles, titled, honorific, datuk, datuks, dato, datok, sale, transfer

Semi Value Lives - 29/11/03
Tags: spin doctoring, damage control, landslide, boulder, parody

MBR - Malaysia Boleh Records - 07/12/03
Tags: malaysian, malaysians, record breakers, achievements, bolehans, feats

A View To A Kill - 14/12/03
Tags: road safety, accident rate, accidents, suggestions, remedial, preventive measures, kemalangan jalanraya

Saving Prebet Raja - 16/12/03
Tags: cybercafe, cybercafes, cyber cafe, internet, gaming, games, counter strike, youths

Dry Or Alive - 27/12/03
Tags: road safety, motorcyclists, tragedy, accident, shelter, rain

Brothers In Alms - 24/01/04
Tags: alm, charity, begging, beggars, beggar, panhandlers, panhandling, poor, blind, multi-racial, society

Invasion Of The Body Testers - 29/02/04
Tags: auto, car, showroom, showrooms, test drive, buyers, buyer, customers, behaviour, proton, gen2, gen 2

The Truth Is Out There - 03/03/04
Tags: mobile phones, phone, handphone, stalking, friendfinder, finding, tracking, location, locating, cellular, sms

Turnstiles Of The Mind - 14/03/04
Tags: kiasu, behaviour, boorish, manners, late, last minute, malaysian time, timing, rude, voting


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