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SKVE - South Klang Valley Expressway Westbound
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Duration: 10:45 Copyright © 2010 TV SMITH
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From Kajang To Puchong:
When completed, the new SKVE (South Klang Valley Expressway) will link Kajang / Bangi to Pulau Indah (Westport) and Pulau Carey. The highway currently ends at Puchong, if you are traveling from Kajang.

In this video, we entered the SKVE from the Ayer Hitam Toll Plaza just after MAEPS, the SILK Highway and Uniten near Kajang. We then exit at the SKVE Saujana Putra Toll Plaza in Puchong.

The road after the toll connects to the Elite Highway leading to either Subang or KLIA. The approximately 12 km stretch should take about 10 minutes, at normal speed.

Captured with the Panasonic LX 3. Edited on Edius Neo.

Location of Roads, Landmarks and Places on Video Timeline:
00:19 - Ayer Hitam Toll
05:06 - 'Great Lakes' View
09:32 - Saujana Putra Toll

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Find Other Places: Video Playlist
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