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Kajang-Seremban Expressway or LEKAS
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Concession Holder: Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban Sdn Bhd
Office Address: KM 3.3 Plaza Tol Kajang Selatan, Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
Postcode (Poskod): 43500 Semenyih
Emergency Helpline / Infoline: 1 800 88 8021
+603 8723 8021
Fax: +603 8723 0021
Area: Selangor Darul Ehsan (SEL D.E.)
Jurisdiction: Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia - LLM (Malaysian Highway Authority)

From Cheras, head towards Kajang and the new Semenyih road to the south. To guide you, the route on this map begins near Tesco Kajang at Saujana Impian. If you are on the right track, another hypermart, Giant Saujana Putra should appear on your left soon after.

Info / Insights: Lekas sikit! Of all the Malaysian highways with clever acronyms, LEKAS is not only appropriate but quite funny. It is lekas (faster) by quite a bit. If you are traveling from Cheras to the Ampangan area in Seremban, LEKAS is definitely the way to go. It by-passes the usual congestion on the North-South Highway, especially near the Seremban exits. From Kajang, LEKAS takes you straight to the Jalan Kuala Pilah-Senawang junction. From there, one can easily proceed via the trunk road to Kuala Pilah or Jelebu.

If you are old enough, you will remember the trunk road to Seremban takes you through a winding, steep stretch just after Mantin town. LEKAS cuts through this area but via several elevated sections. LEKAS also offers a quick way to get to the back of fast-developing Nilai and Pajam.

In the North, the expressway is properly integrated to SILK which connects to Cheras and Sungai Long or to the SKVE to Putrajaya and Puchong, at the other end. It is interesting to note that the rest-stop buildings and toll booths at LEKAS incorporate a unique, stylised Minangkabau roof design, popular in Negeri Sembilan.

Trivia: Picture above shows my Garmin 1460 GPS getting a full satellite constellation at the Beranang rest area on LEKAS.
My other GPS, the Garmin 60CSX showed an accuracy of +/- 2m for most parts of the highway. For mapping runs, I use an external Garmin roof-mounted antenna connected to a San Jose Navigation (Sanav) active re-radiating helix transmitter inside the car.

At several parts of the LEKAS highway, the receiver showed a "D" icon at the tip of the signal strength bars; suggesting improved accuracy. It means the Garmin GPS was receiving correction data from a Satellite Based Augmentation System like EGNOS. The European system uses specific INMARSAT satellites and ground reference stations just like the American-initiated WAAS. According to Garmin, the correction accounts for GPS satellite orbit and clock drift plus signal delays caused by the atmosphere and ionosphere. So now you know why our map markers are super accurate for most places :)

Toll: RM 4.90 from Kajang South to Setul

See also: Driving Video of LEKAS

Nearby Landmarks: Tesco Kajang @ Saujana Impian (1), Saujana Impian Golf & Country Club (2), Giant Superstore Prima Saujana (3)

Surrounding Places: Kajang Prisons - Kompleks Ibu Pejabat Penjara (4), Lebuhraya SILK Interchange to Sg Long and Bangi / SKVE (5), Semenyih Interchange to Semenyih Old Road & Semeinyih Town (6), Kajang Hill Golf Club (7), Kajang Selatan Toll Plaza (8), Kawasan Rehat Beranang Rest Area (9),

Sempadan Selangor-Negeri Sembilan Border (11), Seri Pajam (12), Perdana College Heights (13), Pajam Interchange - Exit to Pajam / Nilai (14), LEKAS Pajam Toll Plaza (15), Mantin Interchange - Exit to Mantin / Lenggeng (16), LEKAS Mantin Toll Plaza (17),

Mantin Uphill Section for Southbound Vehicles (21), LEKAS Setul Toll Plaza (22), Temiang / Seremban Exit (23), LEKAS Ampangan Toll Plaza (24), Ampangan / Seremban / Jelebu Exit for Northbound Vehicles (25), Senawang-Jalan Kuala Pilah Junction - End of LEKAS Highway (26)

Kajang KTM Komuter Railway Station (31), Kajang Town (32), Bandar Sungai Long (33), Bandar Mahkota Cheras (34), Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (35), SILK Sungai Long Toll Plaza (36), The Mines Resort City (376), Selangor Turf Club - STC (38), South City Plaza - Seri Kembangan (39),

Universiti Tenaga Nasional - Uniten (40), North-South Expressway - Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan PLUS (41), NSE Bangi Toll Plaza - Exit 212 (42), Agensi Nuklear Malaysia - Malaysian Nuclear Agency (43), Nilai Memorial Park (44), North-South Expressway Central Link - NSECL or Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan Hubungan Tengah or ELITE Highway to KLIA / NKVE (45), Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club (46), NSE Putra Mahkota Toll Plaza (47), Bandar Bukit Mahkota (48),

Country Heights (51), NSE Kajang Toll Plaza - Exit 210 (52), SILK Expressway Sungai Ramal Toll Plaza (53), Bangi Golf Resort (54), Bandar Baru Bangi (55), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - UKM Campus (56), Hospital Serdang (57), Universiti Putra Malaysia - UPM Serdang (58),

Road to Kuala Pilah / Sri Menanti / Bahau (61), Road to Jelebu / Titi / Kuala Klawang (62), Seremban International Golf Club (63), Stadium Tunku Abdul Rahman (Stadium Paroi) (64), Seremban Town (65), Seremban Railway Station (66),

Salak Tinggi (70), Low Cost Carrier Terminal - LCCT (71), Tune KLIA-LCCT Airport Hotel (72), KLIA - KL International Airport Sepang (73), Sepang International Circuit - SIC F1 Track Sepang (74), Putrajaya International Convention Centre - PICC (75), Prime Minister's Office PMO - Jabatan Perdana Menteri (76), Masid Putrajaya Mosque (77), Putrajaya Wetlands - Taman Wetland (78), IOI Resort (79),

NSE Nilai (Exit) Toll Plaza (80), Bandar Baru Nilai (81), Nilai KTM Komuter Station (82), Pekan Nilai Town (83), Giant Superstore Nilai (84), Nilai Convention Centre (85), Pasar Borong Nilai - Wholesale Market & Wet Market (86), Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre (87), Batang Benar KTM Station (88),

Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar (90), Staffield Country Resort (91), Rinching (92), Semenyih Town (93), The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (94), Broga (95), Nirvana Memorial Park (96),
(use zoom and navigation buttons on top left of map to explore)

Surrounding Roads: SILK - Sistem Lingkaran-Lebuhraya Kajang,  NSE - North-South Expressway,
                                         Lebuhraya Lembah Klang Selatan - South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE)

Nearby Hotels: Hotel Equatorial Bangi, Residence Hotel Uniten, Putrajaya Marriott, Hotels In Kajang
(For telephone contact, full address & web site of individual hotel, see our Hotel Listings)

Nearest Train Station: Kajang KTM Komuter Station (31), Seremban Railway Station (66)
Nearby Police Station: Balai Polis Kajang, Tel: 03 8736 2222
Bus Number:
GPS Coordinates & Position: N2 57.427 E101 49.572 (Kajang Selatan Toll Plaza)
                                                        N2 45.579 E101 58.079 (Ampangan Toll Plaza)
Featured Category : Expressways
Related Categories: Motoring | Ambulance | Workshops | Aviation | Transport | Taxis

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| SKVE - South Klang Valley Expressway | Residence Hotel, Uniten Bangi

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