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A Good View Of KL
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Duration: 9:54 Copyright © 2008 TV SMITH
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A Really Good View Of The City and Surroundings:
Somewhere on a winding, hilly road between Ampang and Kajang, lies this great lookout point with a true panoramic vista of Kuala Lumpur and beyond. At night, it offers one of the most spectacular views of KL city's skyline. It is also a great place to watch the various fireworks display during New Year's eve and on Merdeka eve.

Map: Map & Directions To Bukit Ampang Look-Out Point

This location is uniquely different from the traditional places as you get to observe fireworks from Bukit Bintang, Dataran Merdeka, KLCC and even Genting Highlands all at the same time, from one single place. The experience is somewhat different as the blasts are muted given the location's distance and height. Some may feel it is a little too detached from the festivities on the ground.

The place is currently relatively unknown (compared to Bukit Permai aka Mini Genting) and as such is quiet and tranquil on normal nights. You will find a few courting couples but no hawkers and gawkers. However, with the release of this video, things might never be the same again....

Location of Roads, Landmarks and Places on Video Timeline:
0:07 - From KL, on Jalan Ampang
0:16 - RISDA Building
0:27 - Exit left to Ampang Jaya, Ulu Kelang, MRR2
0:30 - Plaza Ampang City
0:40 - MRR2 Flyover
0:58 - Ampang Point Shopping Centre
1:25 - Right turn to Little Korea
1:29 - De Palma Hotel
1:54 - Elevated Highway exit
2:18 - Right turn to Taman Dagang, Galaxy Ampang, Pandan Jaya
2:55 - Ampang LRT Station
3:50 - Ampang traffic police station
4:30 - Right turn to Nine Emperor Gods Temple, Ampang town
4:40 - Ampang Waterfront (Ampang Water Front)
5:30 - Left turn to Taman Kosas
6:21 - Straight to Bukit Belacan
6:35 - Carrefour Hypermart Ampang
7:54 - Turn left to Kajang
7:55 - Straight to Bukit Permai, Ampang Hospital, Desa Pandan,           MPAJ,  MRR2
9:10 - Turn left to lookout point
9:11 - Straight to Hulu Langat, Pekan Batu 14, Semenyih Dam, Kajang

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