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MyCen Map: Kuala Lumpur City East - Ampang, Wilayah Persekutuan (Federal Territory), Part Selangor

Map Of KL City East

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Mapping Ground Support for this area: Julee Ng, Paul Yeoh

Zoom In: Rampai Area | Genting Kelang | Setapak | Dang Wangi | Titiwangsa Area

Nearby: KL City Center | KL City North | Klang Valley North East | Petaling Jaya | Selayang | Lower Damansara | Upper Damansara

Map Area: KL, Jalan Ampang, Ampang Hilir, Ampang-KL Elevated Highway, Jalan Jelatek, Keramat, Ampang Point, Ulu Kelang, Desa Pandan, MRR 2

202 DC C4,
39 Lingkungan U-Thant G7,
Afghanistan - Embassy of the Islamic State of Afghanistan F7,
AKLEH Ampang Jaya Entry / Exit C13,
AKLEH Jelatek Exit B7,
AKLEH MRR2 Entrance / Exit C12,
Al Andalus Middle Eastern Restaurant B3, (zoom in)
Al Bakri Court E6,
Al-Rawsha Middle East Restaurant C4,
Algeria - Embassy of Democratic People's Republic of Algeria B6,
ALKEH Ampang Town Entry / Exit,
ALKEH Toll Plaza B3,
Aman Club C4, (zoom in)
Ampang Park Putra LRT Station D3,
Ampang Point Shopping Centre D12, (zoom in)
Ampang Puteri Hospital D12, (See Directions)
Ampang-KL Elevated Highway - AKLEH B8,
Ampangpuri C8,
AmpWalk C5, (zoom in)
Anjung Damai B3,
Auto Spa B2,
Bangles Restaurant C8,
Basil Leaf Restaurant B3, (zoom in)
Bekay Court C7,
Britain - British High Commission D3, (zoom in)
Chektan Terraces C6, (zoom in)
China - Embassy of the People's Republic of China C5, (zoom in)
Chung Wah Chinese Girls School (CW) C5, (zoom in)
City Square Centre (Crown Princess on top) C3,
Condo Ampang Hilir D6,
Croatia - Embassy of the Republic of Croatia D10,
Czech - Embassy of the Czech Republic B6,
Damai Indah (DI) B3,
Damai Putra LRT Station B4, (zoom in)
Dataran Palma D13,
Dato Keramat Putra LRT Station B6,
De Palma Hotel Ampang D13,
Desa Pandan G8,
Eden Villa D7,
Empire Tower C3,
Enau Court C6,
Excella Business Park F11, (zoom in)
Fairview International School C7,
Fawina Court F12, (zoom in)
Flamingo Hotel C12,
France - Embassy of the Republic of France C4, (zoom in)
Fusion Gourmet Restaurant B12,
GCB Court C11,
Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre C9 (zoom in),
Goethe Institute F4,
Great Eastern Mall (Menara Great Eastern) C8 (zoom in),
Holiday Villa Apartment Suites D5, (zoom in)
Impiana On The Waterfront C12, (Zoom In)
Iran - Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran E6,
Iraq - Embassy of the Republic of Iraq F4,
Italy - Embassy of the Republic of Italy F8,
Jalan Aman C3, (zoom in)
Jalan Ampang C9,
Jalan Ampang Hilir D7,
Jalan Ampang Tengah D7,
Jalan Ampang Utama 1 E12,
Jalan Awan B11,
Jalan Damai C5 (Zoom In),
Jalan Dato Keramat B7,
Jalan Desa Pandan F8,
Jalan Enggang A9,
Jalan Jelatek B7,
Jalan Kabus A12,
Jalan Langgak Golf F5,
Jalan Madge E5,
Jalan Mamanda 1 D13,
Jalan Nipah C9,
Jalan Pegawai E7,
Jalan Putra Sulaiman F11,
Jalan Ritchie D9,
Jalan Ru D10,
Jalan Semarak A2,
Jalan Tun Razak G4,
Jalan U Thant E4,
Jalan Wickham E8,
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng B2, (Zoom In)
Jelatek Putra LRT Station A8,
Jordan - Embassy of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan E10,
Kenya - High Commission of Kenya E10,
Keramat AU A10,
Kg Dato Keramat B5,
Korea - Embassy of the Republic of Korea B8,
Kuala Ampang B13,
Kyrgyz - Embassy of the Republic of Kyrgyz C4,
Land Rover Showroom D4,
Lanson Place Ambassador Row C6, (zoom in)
Lebanon - Embassy of Lebanon E10,
Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM) C7,
Libya - The People's Bureau of the Great Socialist People's Libyan             Arab Jamahiriya E5,
Lingkungan U Thant F7,
Little Korea (Ampang Utama) E13, (Zoom In)
Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) D5, (zoom in)
McDonald's Drive-Thru (McD) Petronas Jln Kerja Air Lama C13,
Megan Avenue 1 C2,
Mei Keng Seafood Restaurant,
Menara Asia Life C2,
Menara PERKESO D7,
Micasa All Suite Hotel D4,
Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) F11,
MRR2 to Cheras - Sg Besi G10,
MRR2 to Setapak - Selayang A13,
My Habitat (under construction) C3, (zoom in)
Myanmar - Embassy of the Union of Myanmar B3,
Naili's Restaurant D12,
Nigeria - High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria D9,
Nihonkan Club D10,
Oman - Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman G7,
One Ampang Avenue E12, (zoom in)
Palm Inn - Peilta Restaurant D12,
Papua New Guinea High Commission F7,
Persatuan Sindrom Down F7,
Petronas Ampang Jaya Entrance C12,
Plaza Ampang (Plaza Yow Chuan) C3,
Plaza Ampang City (PAC) D11, (zoom in)
Qatar - Embassy Of The State of Qatar E10,
Raffles Design Institute B3 (zoom in),
Rahsia Bistro & Wine Bar Jalan Damai B2 (Zoom In),
Raintree Club E8,
Raintree Terrace E8,
Rama V Thai Restaurant E4,
Ratu Manja Restaurant B3,
Red Crescent Society - Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah B8,
Regal House F4,
Restoran Beng Kee Sea Food B12,
RISDA D11, (Zoom In)
Ritchie's Pavillion D9,
Roadhouse Grill (RG) D7,
Romania - Embassy of Romania C6,
Royal Selangor Golf Club - RSGC H5, (Zoom In)
Royal Selangor Polo Club E8,
Russia - Embassy of the Russian Federation D7, (Zoom In)
Sayfol International School D6, (zoom in)
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Ampang (SKKA) B11,
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Puteri Ampang C6,
Selangor Chinese Recreation Club (SCRC) B2,
Seri Ritchie D9,
Shahzan Court C8,
Shell MRR2 F10,
SMK Hulu Kelang B11,
SMK Seri Ampang C6,
Spain - Embassy of Spain C4, (zoom in)
Sri Lanka - High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic                   of Sri Lanka E10,
Sri Raja Rajeswary Hindu Temple C13,
SuCasa Service Apartments C6, (zoom in)
Sudan - Embassy of the Republic of Sudan D10,
Sunrider C10,
Suzi's Corner D11,
Tara Condo D8,
Thaba Village Restaurant B13,
Thailand - Royal Thai Embassy The C5, (zoom in)
Timur-Leste - Embassy Democratic Republic of Timur-Leste D10,
TM Point Ampang Point D12, (Zoom In)
To Jalan Mahameru A1,
To Seremban H3,
To Setiawangsa - Wangsa Maju A7,
UAE - Embassy of the United Arab Emirates G7,
Ulu Klang Recreation Club (UKRC) B12,
USA - Embassy of the United States of America E4, (zoom in)
Villa Aman (VA) D9,
Villa U Thant G7,
Vista Damai C3,
Wickham Manor E8,
Wickham Residence (WR) D8,
Wisma Chinese Chamber (WCC) C7, (zoom in)
Wisma Sin Heap Lee (SHL) C3, (zoom in)
Wisma Yayasan Sabah C7,
World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) D9,
Yayasan Seni - Pusat Seni & Galleri D9,

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